Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array
Central Washington University

PANGA Laboratory Personnel

Rex Flake
Research Staff; M.S., 2003, Central Washington University; Tiltmeter and PANGA field engineer, PANGA Data Analysis Center,

Tim Melbourne (Director)
Associate Professor, Ph.D. 1999, California Institute of Technology: Seismology and Continental Deformation,

Meghan Miller
Professor; Ph.D., 1987, Stanford: GPS Geodesy and Active Tectonics; Current President of UNAVCO, Inc.,

Andrew M. Miner
Research Staff; M.S., 2002, Central Washington University; Network Engineer and Geologist, PANGA Data Analysis Center,

Charles Rubin
Professor; Ph.D., 1990, California Institute of Technology: Active Tectonics, Earthquake Hazards, Paleoseismology, and Active Tectonics,

Victor Marcelo Santillan
Research Staff; M.S., 2003, Center for earthquake Research and Information, University of Memphis; Scientific Programmer and GPS Data Analyst, PANGA Data Analysis Center,

Craig Scrivner
Research Professor, Ph.D. 1998, California Institute of Technology: Seismology,

Brad Woods
Research Professor, Ph.D. 1994, California Institute of Technology: Seismology,

Graduate Students

Emily Parker; BA in Geology, Colorado College, 2007
Understanding active faulting in the Himalaya: A geodetic study.

Graduate Alumni

Ana Aguiar, M.S. 2008; BS in Physics, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2004
Seismic Constraints on Slow Slip Events Within the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Jim Chapman , M.S. 2008; BS in Geology, North Carolina State Univerisity, 2001
Energy budget analysis of slow-slip aseismic events along the Cascadia convergent margin using GPS array data

Ray Chuang, M.S. 2007; BS in Geology, International University, Taiwan, 2001
Interseismic Crustal Deformation and Seismic Potential in the Luyeh Area, Eastern Taiwan.

Walter Szeliga, M.S. 2006; BS in Geophysics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2002
Transient Detection and Modeling of Continuous Geodetic Data

Mike Caron , M.S. 2003; now at GRAMM Associates, Richland, WA.
Realization of continuous GPS velocities over a neotectonic crustal block model for the Puget Sound area and the implications for seismic hazard.

Rusty Ardoin , M.S. 2002;
Vertical deformation near Willapa Bay, Washington.

Ken Austin , M.S. 2001; BS in Geology, Central Washington University, 1998
now PBO Field Engineer, Pacific Northwest
The co-seismic displacement fields for the 1992 Landers and 1999 Hector Mines earthquakes, from regional GPS observations

Cyndy Kissler Journey , M.S. 2001
Refining the measured frequency of great earthquakes along the Cascadia subduction zone

Kim McLean, M.S. 1999; now at Texaco
Neogene shortening across Naryn and At Bashi Basins, southern Kyrgyz Tien Shan

Andrew Miner, M.S. 2001; now PANGA Network Manager & Geologist, CWU
Eocene tectonics and active deformation in Cascadia

Ben Pauk, M.S. 2000; now PBO Regional Engineer, Alaska
Statistical analysis of Global Positioning System data for applications to volcano deformation modeling monitoring and Pacific Northwest coastal uplift